Yes, by appointment only, using my Sign & Go process, we can meet at my home office. There is no travel fee using this method. This service is by appointment only. Use the 'Schedule An Appointment' button located throughout the website to book your appointment.  

I proudly serve the following cities:

San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, Cupertino, Mountain View and surrounding areas. 

You’ll need a photo ID. Here’s what is accepted: California or other US state driver’s license, CA ID, or CA Senior ID, US Passport, Canada or Mexico driver’s license, or foreign passports stamped by USCIS. Call me for other non-typical forms of identification.

Each appointment is different, but most take about 20-25 minutes as long as everyone has a valid ID. The paperwork should be filled out (except for signatures and dates) prior to the notary's arrival. Do not complete the section that is reserved for the notary. Additional documents and/or additional signers could add more time. 

No. It is illegal for a Notary to prepare legal documents, answer legal questions or act as a legal advisor unless he or she is also an attorney. A violation of this is considered a UPL (unauthorized practice of law) and is a crime. Also, a Notary cannot provide any advice about a particular document.

Yes, because not only does the notary have to verify the identity of the person signing but the individual has to sign the notary journal along with giving his or her thumbprint.

If you don't have ID then at the time of the appointment there need to be two witnesses present who have Photo ID and who will swear verbally that they know you and are whom you say you are. These are called credible witnesses, and they will need to sign the notary's journal as a part of the notarial process.

Notarizing a document is a legal process, but it does not necessarily make the document legal. The notary serves as a fraud deterrent by identifying the signer as who the signer says they are.