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Diamond Mobile Notary is owned and operated by Maria Cobern.
When Maria is not available, Maria turns to her team of multiple notaries to get her clients scheduled.
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maria cobern
Diamond Mobile Notary provides traveling notary services to individuals and businesses when and where you need it. Whether you’re at your home, office, a hospital or a local coffee shop, we will meet you at your location and provide our service with confidence. We specialize in all types of notary matters, include general notarial acts, swearing-in ceremonies and loan signings. We bring experience and professionalism to every appointment and customize our services to meet your individual needs. We are California-commissioned, bonded and insured. We guarantee accuracy and attention to detail in every signing. We are certified by the National Notary Association, background screened and E&O insured.

The Team

Maria Cobern
Notary Public, and Founder and Owner, Diamond Mobile Notary

cobern familyHi! My name is Maria. I come from a military family. I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the USA in 1970. I speak Korean, but not super well; my husband calls it “koenglish”. It’s Korean and English put together.  I am the mother of four children, two boys and two girls; it’s like I have the Brady bunch going on.  I am also a young grandmother to a girl and a boy.

I enjoy sewing and binge-watching my favorite shows as well as old-school movies like The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady.  I am also partial to movies from Marvel Comics.

I currently live in San Jose, California. Prior to this, and for over 33 years, I lived in a small town named Marina. Marina is a city near Monterey and next to Fort Ord, a former Army post, which closed in 1994.

I became a Mobile Notary after my father passed away. While he was in the hospital, we had a hard time finding a mobile notary to come out to the hospital. At that time, I thought notary work was a service I would like to do.

I decided once I became a Mobile Notary I would save time and stress by coming to you for all your notary needs. I put you first, anyone can do your notary work, but it’s “The Service That Matters”.

Because of my background with the military, it gives me pleasure to offer a 10% discount to all military personnel (with military ID), and Veterans too.

I also hold Life and Health Insurance credentials through the state of California. If you want to learn how to save, invest and purchase the right kind of life insurance for yourself and loved ones, please contact me for more information.

Sara Cobern
Notary Public

sara cobern

My name is Sara Cobern. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I am a mother to a beautiful 9-year-old daughter who loves to keep me on my toes! When I am not working or helping my daughter with school, I enjoy going on adventures with my family, enjoying the outdoors, being a “foodie” and finding new and tasty recipes to try.

I have a background in hospitality and human resources, which gives me the ability to offer exceptional service. I wanted to become a Mobile Notary after I watched my mother start her own successful notary business. She inspired me to go into business with her and continue to help the many people in need of our services.


Jennifer Ligon
Notary Public

jennifer ligonMy name is Jennifer Ligon. I was born and raised in the Los Gatos/San Jose area, and currently reside in San Jose with my husband. I was a Preschool Teacher at St. Elizabeth’s Day Home and Hillview Glen CDC. I got deep satisfaction knowing that quality early childhood education can help a child develop strong self-esteem, problem-solving skills and independence. One of my favorite benefits in becoming a preschool teacher was the ability to make a difference in the life of a child. I then took these skills I learned as a teacher and crafted them to fit my job in customer service. I have worked in customer service and as a notary public for 20 plus years. I genuinely enjoy helping to make people’s lives better. I take great pride in ensuring positive overall customer service.

On my off time I enjoy being with family and friends. I like to watch movies such as Funny Girl, Halloween and Employee of the Month. I also enjoy hanging out with my husband, dog, and two cats. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, I read authors such as Stephen king and Patricia Cornwell.

Raul Contreras
Notary Public

raul contrerasI'm Raul, a devoted social worker with a heart deeply committed to the well-being of the elderly and disabled, especially within the Spanish-speaking community. Over two decades of experience have allowed me to build lasting relationships, offering care, guidance, and a strong shoulder to lean on.

My journey in service is deeply intertwined with my beloved family. My wife and I lead independent professional lives, both contributing to our community in our unique ways. Her encouragement and understanding have been instrumental in my path as a mobile notary. Although we don't directly collaborate in my notary business, her support is a vital part of the strength that empowers me.

In addition to my human family, my household is graced by two furry companions I hold dear to my heart—my dogs Luna and Lobo. They're more than just pets; they're my fur babies, showering me with love and companionship. Their boundless energy and affection remind me daily of the importance of connection and care, qualities I bring to Diamond Mobile Notary.

With less than 6 months of notary experience, my deep connection to the Latino community spans far beyond the field. Fluent in English and Spanish, I'm well-equipped to bridge language gaps and simplify the notarization process, ensuring clarity for everyone involved.

In these challenging times of COVID-19, safety remains paramount at Diamond Mobile Notary. I'm dedicated to following stringent health protocols, prioritizing the well-being of each individual. The use of proper personal protective equipment ensures your health and comfort during our interactions.

I am proud to be a part of Diamond Mobile Notary, offering a bridge between your aspirations and reality. Each signature holds the promise of continuity, security, and a legacy well-preserved. Let's come together in making your essential life moments official, while nurturing a sense of unity, belonging, and the warmth of family.

Thank you for considering Diamond Mobile Notary as your partner in this journey. I eagerly await the opportunity to serve, connect, and contribute positively to your life.

Monica Claudio
Notary Public

monica claudio

Hello, my name is Monica Claudio. Born and raised in Monterey County, I reside in San Jose, CA with my husband, three daughters, and two beloved pups, Thor and Loki.

With a diverse background in outpatient medical billing and human resources in education, I recently transitioned into the world of professional notary services. Driven by my desire to fill a critical need for convenient, bilingual-speaking, mobile notary solutions, I take great pride in serving my community and am committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

When I am not busy helping clients, I cherish quality time with my family, exploring the great outdoors, and indulging in my love of photography. My dynamic blend of professional expertise and personal warmth make me a trusted partner for all your notary needs.


The Notary Family

I am a co-founder for the organization, The Notary Family. Our Mission is to help notaries come together and network as a community, to build friendships, and share knowledge and experiences in a safe environment. We expect excellence in ourselves and exhibit pride in everything we do.

At least once a month, we will come together (typically on the second Monday) to hear a speaker or to network together. Other in-person and online events are added as we continue to grow.

We want to bring the best out of each one of you, cherish your many talents and help each of us rise to a better place.  We come as strangers, then become friends and then we become family.

Maria Cobern

Are you a Notary Public? Are you interested in learning more, or joining us? Click here to visit The Notary Family’s website, or contact me via call or text at (408) 309-9480.

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