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Calling all Notaries!

The Notary Family is an organization I helped found here in the South Bay, and we get togetherthe notary family logo for many events, some locally and some virtually. The Notary Family is open to notaries in every state.

Click here for more information about The Notary Family. The website has an easy-to-use calendar of events.

We aim to help notaries come together and network as a community, to build friendships and share knowledge and experience in a safe environment. We expect excellence in ourselves and exhibit pride in everything we do.

"We come as strangers, then become friends and then we become family."

Living Trust Referral Discount

Diamond Mobile Notary works with many companies that provide estate planning, with me providing the notary service while helping signers go through the documents. One of them is Legacy Lighthouse LDA, Inc., which offers a free estate analysis and $100 off your estate plan (use the code DiamondMobileNotary). My contact is Whitney Pavich De Sanchez, experienced Legal Document Preparer. Whitney's contact information is (619) 639-7475 /, where she is standing by to "allow them to be the light your Legacy needs".


A jurat requires the signer to swear to the contents of the document.

2015 California All-Purpose Acknowledgment

An acknowledgment is used to verify the identity of the signer and to confirm that they signed the document.

2015 Jurat with Affiant Statement

A jurat with affiant statement may be used when an individual is swearing that the wording on the form is correct.

US Passport Application for Children Under 16

The DS-11 form issued by the Department of State is used to apply for a passport for minor children.